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Our Commitment to Sustainability

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  • We have been utilizing cover cropping as our primary weed management strategy in the vineyards we manage since 2020.
  • We grow cover crops (clovers & low grasses) under our vines to outcompete weeds, increase plant diversity, improve soil structure, increase organic matter, and sequester carbon.
  • We are committed to the preservation of Leelanau County through a conservation easement on our 30 acre Elm Valley property.
  • We recycle! Glass, wooden pallets and cardboard.
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  • Our shipping packaging is all made of recycled products and can further be recycled.
  • We are MAEAP certified in four cropping and farmstead systems. More information here.
  • We work with Morgan Composting, to create a custom blend of compost to promote soil health.
  • We compost our grape pomace (pressing waste).
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  • We follow integrated pest management systems as laid out by Michigan State University. 
  • We re-use CO2, when possible, in the production of our tank fermented (Cuve Close Method) bubblies.
  • The majority of our vineyards are dry farmed (not irrigated) and no-till (we do not till the soil).
  • We harvest wind energy through a wind turbine located on our Elm Valley property.
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  • We have two electric car charging stations available for employees and guests at our Elm Valley property.
  • Our canned products are packaged with cardboard collars instead of plastic to reduce waste.
  • We work with GFL Environmental because of their progressive waste handling and recycling practices.
  • We are a member of the Great Lakes Sustainable Wine Alliance.
  • We are founding members of the Great Lakes Business Network.

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